Traditional Chinese Sword League

2009 Tournament Results

This year the TCSL National Full Contact Tournament traveled to the picturesque New England town of Brattleboro, VT. Through the diligent work of Sensei Patrick Donahue, the Brattleboro School of Budo, and the New England Branch - GRTC, the TCSL competitors were able to square off at Gibson-Aiken Center in front of a large, enthusiastic crowd.

This year saw the return of many competitors from the League's inaugural full-contact event as well as many new faces. The pool of contestants included both Vermont locals like Eric Schmidt and out-of-towners like Linda Heenan, who traveling all the way from Australia to compete. As an added bonus for spectators, students and instructors from the Brattleboro School of Budo put on many expert demonstrations in the traditional Japanese martial arts throughout the tournament, providing a fine contrast to the Chinese-style swordplay.

After the initial round of pool matches to determine the final bracket, Ian Glazer of Washington, D.C., extended his streak as #1 seed to a second straight year. During the ensuing direct elimination matches, play was cagey and strategic, as competitors acknowledged that each match could be their last of the tournament. In the end, only two players remained: Ian Glazer, who made good on his top seeding, and Greg Wolfson, a fellow classmate at Great River Taoist Center, Washington, DC Branch. During the opening exchanges of the final match, Glazer scored several solid hits to the legs and arms, taking a clear command of the point lead. However, points would not win the day, as Wolfson was able to score a "kill shot" to head late in the round to take the victory and the tournament. Following TCSL tradition this year's champion was awarded a Chinese sword as his trophy.

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